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Accessories for Dosing Applications

Accessories for Dosing Applications

Accessories for Dosing Applications

Based on process requirement, Dosing system may require certain accessories as follows:

(1) Pressure relief valve (PRV) is a type of safety valve used to control or limit the pressure in a system to protect the pump or any associated equipment from excessive pressure.

Pressure relief valve

(2)  Back Pressure Valve (BPV) is a Process device that regulates discharge (upstream) pressure with emphasis on steady state pressure control instead of on/Off actuation.

Back Pressure Valve (BPV)

(3) Anti Syphon Valves (ASV) are one-direction check valve (Non Return Valve) used to prevent back flow from main pipe line to secondary pipe lines. These are also known as Injection NRV or Dosing NRV.

Anti Syphon Valves (ASV)

(4)  Calibration Cylinders also known as Measuring Cylinder is used to measure the volume of a liquid. Available in different capacities from 50 mL to 5000 ml in ready stock.

Calibration Cylinders

(5) Suction Line Strainer (Y type / Basket / Duplex) are devices for mechanically removing unwanted solids from liquid lines by means of a perforated or wire mesh straining element.

Suction Line Strainer (Y type / Basket / Duplex)

(6) Pulsation Dampener are used to control the pump discharge line flow pulsations as it nullifies peak pulses and gives an almost steady flow for pulsation free dosing for and also for steady display in flow meters or any other process eqpt.

Pulsation Dampener

(7) Flow / No Flow Switches provide an electrical contact output at a specific flow rate and used to check whether there is flow or No flow on a pipe line.

Pulsation Dampener

(8) Pressure Switch is a form of switch that closes an electrical contact when a certain set fluid pressure has been reached on its input. The switch may be designed to make contact either on pressure rise or on pressure fall.

Pressure Switch

(9) On Line Static Mixers : A static mixer is a device for the continuous mixing of fluid materials without moving components. Static mixers can also be used to mix powders thru educator system.

On Line Static Mixers

Based on Chemical properties and process requirement, all above Dosing System Accessories are available in different types as follows:

MOC: PP, PVC, Teflon, MS, SS304, SS316, CI, Brass or Any other MOC as required by user

Connection:Threaded, Flanged, Socket, End connection Sizes:¼ Inch, ½ Inch, ¾ Inch ,1 Inch upwards

Please contact us for Product Catalogue of each Dosing System Accessory and best price quotation.

We also maintain sufficient stock of product and spares to provide immediate priority service to our customers.

All products are checked for quality on stringent parameters to ensure proper functionality, performance during operation.

Dedicated test area for products before despatch provides a comfortable environment for Factory simulated testing.

Skilled group of Engineers are always available for On-line or On-site support for installation, Operation and After Sales service.

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