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Flow Meters

Flow Meters

Flow Meters

Liquid Flow Meter or Flow Transmitter is designed specifically to meet the increased requirements of Industries for accurate flow feedback for precise process control.

There are many different types of flow meters available depending upon principle of operation as follows. The common types of flowmeters with industrial applications are listed below:

  1. Obstruction type (differential pressure or variable area
  2.  Inferential (turbine type)
  3.  Electromagnetic
  4. Positive-displacement flowmeters
  5. Fluid dynamic (vortex shedding)
  6. Anemometer
  7. Ultrasonic
  8. Mass flowmeter (Coriolis force)
  9. Rotameters

Proper selection of suitable flow meter is required from Based on various Liquid Chemical properties , process application requirement and Cost of procurement

We supply different types of flow meters based on process requirement.  As an example for Additive Dosing applications , the user friendly design concept offers flexibility, cost saving operation and reliability while providing a long service life and exceptionally low maintenance.

The Plug and Play system have special grade of Sensor material for compatibility with all types of commercially available Cement Additives in the market .

Easy and quick commissioning is the best feature of Additive flow transmitter. Advanced data storage inside the sensor eliminates the need to match sensor and transmitter in the field. The on-board sensor memory automatically identifies the transmitter. On power-on, the transmitter self configuration function is run. and replicates all sensor data and parameters into the transmitter. This eliminates the opportunity for errors and leads to an increased start up speed and reliability. All parameters can be modified quickly and easily via the user-friendly display and the non-contact buttons, without opening the housing.

The easy programming functions reliably guides unpracticed users through the menu step by step. The soft key-based functionality makes handling a breeze – it’s just like using a smart phone. During the configuration, the permissible range of each parameter is indicated on the display and invalid entries are rejected.

The backlit display can be easily rotated without the need for any special tools. The contrast is adjustable and the display fully configurable. The character size, number of lines and display resolution (number of decimals) can be set as required. The smart design of the transmitter unit allows for easy disassembly without the need to unscrew cables or unplug connectors. Whether count pulses, 20 mA signals or the status output are active or passive, the Grinding Additive transmitter always delivers the correct signal.

HART is used as the standard protocol. With Local Flow Display and highly accurate flow transmission signal to CCR ,

flow meter is very useful to Production department, CCR , Instrumentation department and Quality department to ensure correct proportionate dosing . Flow Transmitter also have in built on-site calibration facility for adapting

to all ranges of types of commercially available Cement Additive in the market .

With Advanced Self fault monitoring and diagnostic functions , it is very user friendly and reduce down times. As a result, productivity is increased and down times are avoided. Self-cleaning, double-sealed polished measuring electrodes enhance the device’s reliability and performance. With its advanced filtering methods, the device improves

accuracy even under difficult conditions by separating the noise from the measuring signal.

We supply customised Rotameters and flowmeters as per process requirement at economical cost.

Our equipment are in operation in various process applications in Steel, Cement, Paper ,Food & Beverage, Chemical, Textiles, Pharma, Automobile , Sugar, Oil & gas , Fertilizer , Water Treatment and General industries

Our aim at providing customized solutions as per the process requirement. Our working systems and culture is designed to meet the exact requirements of our clients, right from the stage of concept, till execution and an effective after sales service, giving best support.

Skilled group of Engineers are always available for On-line or On-site support for installation, Operation and After Sales service.

We also maintains sufficient stock of product and spares to provide immediate priority service to our customers.

All products are checked for quality on stringent parameters to ensure proper functionality, performance during operation.

Dedicated test area for products before despatch provides a comfortable environment for Factory simulated testing.

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