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Industrial Agitators

Industrial Agitators

Industrial Agitators

Industrial mixers are rotating machines that are used to mix and homogenise two or more products. Depending upon the application, every industrial agitator generally consists of a Motor , a reduction gearbox, a drive shaft, inter connecting Supports, Bearings , Mounting frames and impellors designed as per the product characteristics.

Based on design and application requirement ,Agitators are further classified as follows :

Location on Tank :  Top Mount / Bottom Entry / Side Mount

RPM : High Speed / Low Speed / Dual Speed / Variable speed

Design : Paddle Agitator / Anchor Agitators /  Propeller Agitators  / Turbine Agitators / Helical Agitators

Impellors : Paddle Blade, Anchor Blade, Ribbon Blade, Flat Blade, Pitched Blade, Curved Blade

MOC : SS304, SS316, SS316L, MS, 

Coating : Teflon , Rubber, PVC, FRP Coated etc

We have been supplying agitators to different industries over last decade. Easy fitment at site, Quality , Economical price, Easy availability and Reliability are the hall mark of hundreds of Industrial agitators installed by us.

Followed specialised mixing machines are also supplied by us.

(1) Powder Blenders (2) Portable Mixers (3) Emulsifiers (4) Static Mixers (6) In Line Mixers (7) IBC Agitators .

Optional Accessories for Agitators : If required by user , Agitators can also be supplied with suitable followed accessories .

(1) Timer Circuit for automatic intermittent agitator operation so as to prevent sedimentation on prepared product (2) Starter Control Panel (3) Mounting Frame (Ground Based) (4) Mounting Frame (Tank Top Based)  (5) Custom Built Tank with Agitator (6) Portable wheel mounted frames (7) Interlocked with Level sensors to prevent dry running of agitator when tank level is low.

Our equipment are in operation in various process applications in Steel, Cement, Paper ,Food & Beverage, Chemical, Textiles, Pharma, Automobile , Sugar, Oil & gas , Fertilizer , Water Treatment and General industries

Our aim at providing customized solutions as per the process requirement.  Our working systems and culture is designed to meet the exact requirements of our clients, right from the stage of concept, till execution and an effective after sales service, giving best support.

Skilled group of Engineers are always available for On-line or On-site support for installation, Operation and After Sales service.

We also maintains sufficient stock of product and spares to provide immediate priority service to our customers.

All products are checked for quality on stringent parameters to ensure proper functionality, performance during operation.

Dedicated test area for products before despatch provides a comfortable environment for Factory simulated testing.

Please contact us for Product Catalogue and best price quotation.

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