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Barrel Unloading Pump

Barrel Unloading Pump

Barrel Unloading Pump

Unloading of liquid from different barrels used to be a very labour intensive and time consuming work earlier . Specially when costly chemicals are being used, every one wishes to take out the last drop from the barrels, IBC Totes, tanks without spillage, wastage . Since the opening of barrels and IBC tanks are very small and are of different shape and size, it always remains a difficult task to ensure that no costly chemical is wasted unused inside the tank due to non availability of proper extraction pump. Further in case of manual unloading, the unloading area required is  more and it always remains messy due to inevitable spillage involved in annual unloading .

Manual unloading of barrels is very costly due to high cost of manpower, Hazardous human risk and accidents.

Barrel Unloading Pumps are suitable for pumping out liquids from various types of barrels and containers up to the last drop. Unloading operation is very smooth and fast . There no wastage due to left over chemicals in barrels and no spillage. Due to extremely low weight, Barrel unloading pumps can be easily carried from container to container. The easy handling of motor and pump keeps changeover times short.

Barrel pumps operate on the principle of the axial-impeller pumps and provide a pulsation-free pumping action. The motor drives the drive shaft via a coupling. At the end of the drive shaft there is a propeller-like impeller. The impeller must be completely covered with the medium so the pump can work. With the rotation, the medium is axially transferred to the outlet.

Users of drum, barrel and container pumps often wonder about the immersion shaft length actually needed for different containers.

We offer barrel pumps in the standard immersion lengths 700 mm, 1,000 mm and 1,200 mm. Of course, we can also offer special lengths from approx. 300 mm up to 3,000 mm based on specific needs.

Our equipment are in operation in various process applications in Steel, Cement, Paper ,Food & Beverage, Chemical, Textiles, Pharma, Automobile , Sugar, Oil & gas , Fertilizer , Water Treatment and General industries

Our aim at providing customized solutions as per the process requirement. Our working systems and culture is designed to meet the exact requirements of our clients, right from the stage of concept, till execution and an effective after sales service, giving best support.

Skilled group of Engineers are always available for On-line or On-site support for installation, Operation and After Sales service.

We also maintains sufficient stock of product and spares to provide immediate priority service to our customers.

All products are checked for quality on stringent parameters to ensure proper functionality, performance during operation.

Dedicated test area for products before despatch provides a comfortable environment for Factory simulated testing.

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